Family FREE Resources

Family Team

Creating a team culture in your marriage and family.


How to cultivate a rhythm that gives your marriage and family life every week.


Finding and beating the common breakdowns in the family.

House of Faith

Developing a system for infusing your home and marriage with Scripture, truth and Jesus.

Training the Team

Overcoming parent/child training challenges.

Calling & Assignment

Understanding and finding your marriage and family “assignment” or calling.

Family Team Meeting

Establishing or leveling up your team meeting.

Weekly Family Meal

Developing, improving, and sustaining a weekly family meal.

Experiments in Integration

Finding creative ways to move toward greater integration within your family.

Marriage & Family Summit

Crafting an annual family and marriage summit that is life-changing.

Celebration Planning

Cultivating celebrations throughout the year to anchor your marriage and family.

Better Fights

Learning to have awesome fights that take you forward not backward.

Family Bible Time

How to build a household founded on the Scriptures with strategy and intentionality.

Leveling-Up Your Daily Rhythms

Taking your household's rhythms to the next level.

Money May

Thinking about money as a way of building your family team on mission.

Sexual Intimacy in Marriage

Deepening the sexual intimacy in your marriage.

Extended Family

Understanding the role and value of our extended families.

The Skill of Stage-Based Parenting

How to adapt your parenting strategies through your kids' ever-changing stages.

Sukkot Starter Kit

Discovering the meaning of the Festival of Tabernacles and starting this new annual tradition!

Friendships with Other Family Teams

How to find other family teams and take steps to build these relationships.

Systems for Sharing Household Tasks

Dive into learning how to create systems for household task sharing.

Marriage and Family Summit Revamped

Get the tools you need to craft a yearly family Summit.

Helping Kids out of Bad Habits

Help to train your kids out of bad habits.

Winning Your Child's Heart

This isn't the same as getting them to like you, it's about building a deep love attachment as parent to child.


This month is designed to get you thinking about Passover and all its possibilities.

Creating a Team Mindset

Enfolding your kids in to your family's work and mission.

Date Night

One important rhythm to help your marriage thrive.