Month 3: Challenges & Breakdowns

Hey everyone!


This month we are chatting about breakdowns and challenges!


What’s that mean? It means every marriage and family has those constant ‘pebble in the shoe’ that isn’t leading to catastrophic failure, but builds up, affects us, and leads to daily frustration!


Most of us tend to rend from these little areas and pretend they will disappear.


But this month we are going to look at them square in the face 🙂 there is almost always a thoughtful small solution if we look at it squarely and come up with a system!


Jeff + Alyssa, Jeremy + April



Alright guys here is the Pryors for this month’s Behind the Scenes videos!


There is killer stuff in here for marrieds only, those with kids, and more.


What was your favorite little tip or thought? What stood out to you? How is this month going so far?


PS fun little anecdote! The checklist bedtime idea mentioned at the end of the video is killer and one we started implementing ourselves after having this constant breakdown or challenge over and over a few months back. We’ve worked our way there but now bedtime is a breeze and a joy and much easier with the system in place. So helpful!​

Activation guide!!! Challenges & Breakdowns


This month we want to give you 5 practical common areas that tend to see the most breakdown in a marriage or family, and some questions and ways to work through each!!


What is the one you most quickly identify with? How has this month been going so far?

Challenges Facebook Live Q&A


Jeremy and April answer your questions!