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Overwhelmed by family chaos and burnout? Become a family that thrives by joining Homeroom

The sure path to a flourishing family and marriage

Homeroom is an online family and marriage mentor program that teaches you how to build a multi-generational family and marriage team on mission through actionable steps, weekly teachings, practical tools, deep insights and communal action.


Here is How it Works


On the first of the month we announce the theme for that month. In addition to the theme, you receive that month’s ‘challenge’ which is a practical way we will we will all work towards that theme (i.e. a ‘finish line’ we will all be running towards together while sharing progress and questions).


Then, over the course of the next 4 weeks during that month we set you up for success by giving you ONE piece of pillar content each Sunday that will equip and enable you along the path of success.


Week 1 you get a PRIMER, which teaches on the topic as well as gives specific questions and exercises to unpack it.


Week 2, you get a Behind the Scenes vlog from the Pryors and Bethkes that is a really intimate awesome video bringing you into their homes and not telling you but SHOWING you how they apply that month’s theme in various ways.


Week 3 you get an activation guide which is the meat of the month, which is an awesome PDF you and your spouse can work through to really apply that month’s theme.


Week 4 ends with a blowout awesome live Q&A where we answer any loose ends, questions, concerns, roadblocks for that theme, and celebrate all God has done!

Private Live Webcasts

Have access to private training videos taught by the Bethkes and Pryors, that will teach a live lesson based on that month’s theme.

Content and Help Every Week

Every single week, you’ll get coaching, PDF’s, activation guides, help and behind the scenes content that will help you on this journey. You’ll receive behind-the-scenes videos of both families and how they do a particular family skill and a PDF with workable action steps and teaching.

Private Online Community

You will have direct access to Jeff and Alyssa and Jeremy and April through a private Facebook group with them, where you can interact with them and ask them questions. You also will have access to 2000 other members of Homeroom to use it as your private family think tank for questions or sharpening.

What We Will Cover in Homeroom

Just a few of the tools and themes we will cover in Homeroom to give you a roadmap to a thriving and enjoyable family team!



Learn the process to live as a family team instead of a collection of individuals.



How to cultivate rhythms that gives your marriage and family life every single week.



Finding and beating the common breakdowns in the family.



Developing a system for infusing your home and marriage with Scripture, truth and Jesus without feeling lost.



Overcoming parent/child training challenges.



Understanding and finding your marriage and family “assignment” or calling.



Expanding your family’s territory.



Creating foolproof systems for the home.



Learning to live in God’s design for husband and wife; and children with a model where everyone flourishes.



Cultivating moments and markers throughout the year for your family and marriage the become the anchor for



Learning to have awesome fights that take you forward, not backward.



Crafting an annual family and marriage summit that is life-changing.


"One of the best tools we've seen! Whether you are engaged and moving toward marriage, just getting started, or have years together as a couple, this will add value to your relationship. We are thankful to have played a small role in this important teaching that will help so many couples."

Craig & Amy Groeschel Founders of Life Church and Authors From This Day Foward

"Being intentional leads to discovering the incredible. It's true for just about pursuit, but it's the secret sauce for lasting relationships. I'm so thankful Jefferson and Alyssa are helping all couples, new and seasoned, discover the creative and transformative power of intentional love."

Lysa Terkeurst #1 New York Times Best-Selling Author of Uninvited

"A happy, healthy marriage is the best gift you can give your children, so making sure you have a love that lasts is worth every bit of time and effort you put into it. This is such a great resource for marriages at any season, or even for young couples as they prepare for marriage. I'm thankful Jeff and Alyssa had the heart and vision to put this together and am thrilled to be a part of it."

Korie & Willie Robertson

"From the moment Zac and I sat across the table from Jefferson and Alyssa we could not believe their wisdom. They are clear on the essential things in life. God is real and dear to them, and family and friends are the center of the way that express God’s love to the world. They are people we learn from."

Jennie Allen Founder of IF Gathering

"A game changer for marriages, young or old, or even couples headed towards the path of marriage one day. Jeff and Alyssa have put together an incredible and timely resource to help marriages go the distance. We were so thrilled to be a part of it and know it will help so many couples."

Drs. Les & Leslie Parrott #1 New York Times Authors of Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts


Enrollment Closes July 31st 2019

At Midnight Pacific



Private Live Webcasts & Coaching

Action Starters, Weekly PDF’s, Content and more each month

Q&A’s monthly with the Pryors and Bethkes

Private Homeroom Facebook group with the Bethkes and Pryors and 2,000 other Homeroom members

$100 off discount code to Family Teams Weekend

Discounts off all Family Teams Products



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Meet the Pryors & Bethkes

We believe most marriages & families are living in a failed experiment

About 200 years ago, the West radically altered and shifted what it meant to be in a marriage or family. Since then, the statistics of fatherlessness, divorce and overall marital and familial health has shattered. We think there’s a better way and it goes all the way back to Abraham. The Scriptures show us that marriage and families are one of God’s primary vehicles to bring blessing and restoration to the world. And to do that, He wants us to build a strong multi-generational family team on mission.

The Pryor’s have been living in this framework for over two decades now. They have taught, spoken and written on it for about that long, as well. Through them, and the call back to God’s true design for family, thousands have had their families radically altered and turned upside for the better all across the nation, the Bethke’s included.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is Homeroom for you?

We purposely set up Homeroom to be best for you and your schedule. For the live webcasts, you can tune in live or watch later on your dashboard or in the FB group. With everything else we release like the activation guides and PDF’s, you have access to the resources in full until you decide to leave the program.

Of course. While we’d love for both spouses to be all in, we know that’s not always realistic and have had many in past programs be the only spouse interested. We have also received messages from those same spouses that because they applied the principles, and their husband or wife saw the profound impact it was having, created a spark that changed their families forever!

Yes, we highly encourage it! Jeff and Alyssa specifically dug into a lot of this content and were being mentored by the Pryor’s years before they had kids. We believe you should be preparing not just for your current season but the season right around the corner (marriage, kids, etc.). If you are formally engaged to be married within 12 months or less you are welcome to enroll.

As much as you want! Ha. Seriously. They will be interacting with you through all the content every step of the way, as well as in the private Facebook group where you can tag them or ask them questions. The community aspect of this program is usually the part people aren’t sure what to picture but ends up being their favorite part. You will be learning and growing together with hundreds of other couples going through the same things!

That’s no problem! The Facebook group is just what we call ‘added value’ in that you don’t have to be in the Facebook group. You will receive everything and have access to all the content on your dashboard. We will say though, the group is pretty magical and fun so if you are on Facebook make sure to get in!

Ideally, you would follow the program. However, if you get behind or just need some time off, don’t sweat it. Life happens. Our number one desire is that you simply finish the program (whenever that may be).



2 Days That Will Change Your Family Forever. Seriously.

When you sign up for homeroom you get $100 off code to Family Teams Weekend!

Join 250 other couples as we unpack God’s vision and design for how to build a multigenerational family team on mission; October 18-19, 2019 at Memorial Hall in the heart of Cincinnati.​