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Free Plan

For anyone who absolutely cannot afford the regular or 50% off option we don’t want you to miss out and we don’t want money to be the obstacle to your family’s health and thriving. Anyone who would like to apply to get Homeroom for free will be accepted. All we ask is for about 10-15 minutes of your time.

By checking this box you are stating that you cannot afford Homeroom at 50% off and are requesting a free membership from Family Teams

Let us know a little bit about your hardship and why or how you think Homeroom would be a blessing to you in this season

By checking this box I have sent the free challenge website to 5 close friends or families I think would really benefit from it and I’ve told them about our experience with the challenge and what it did for our family. (Please write below the 5 last names of the families you’ve sent the site to.)

NOTE: you will still be asked for your credit card on enrolling because our software does not allow us to enroll you to a membership without one. You will not be billed anything. Remember, Homeroom is an auto renewal membership program so if still in hardship 12 months from now please remember to cancel or stop renewal. We can’t wait to journey with you and are so glad you’re making this step!

Anyone who completes these three steps will get a one year membership to Homeroom for FREE


In order to not overwhelm our customer service team with a flood of new free memberships we can only enroll 100 new free members into the group every week. Please be patient with us and you will get access to all Homeroom including all the content we’ve created for 24 previous challenges that will be a huge help to your family team.